Bikers’ Lives made Easier with Google Maps 8.2 Android Upgrade

Bikers’ Lives made Easier with Google Maps 8.2 Android Upgrade

9to5Google has officially stated that Google upgraded the Maps application functioning on Android devices in such a way so as to make bikers’ lives easier.

The 8.2 upgrade of Google Maps has numerous new features to make cycling a more enjoyable experience. The biking routes can now be changed easily since the update shows the elevations in landscape. The user can also compare the elevation that characterizes various routes. For the time being the application is considered a beta.

Bikers will definitely have a pleasant surprise when they discover the new voice commands. These will inform them on the amount of time necessary to reach a certain destination or will give them useful traffic information. Bikers will know when the next turn comes or where the traffic jams are. Although the update has been launched, it will take a few days until all devices running on Android get it.

Google has also launched an upgrade for the Maps application functioning on the iOS gadgets. The users can see the search results on the map. This makes the entire process of identifying a place much easier and less time consuming.

The 3.2.0 version of Google Maps has an enlarged Explorer characteristic. Google has described this new feature as being similar to a local guide that is able to show the user various places and can suggest activities in accordance with the time of the day and the location. The appointments as well as the reservations scheduled in Gmail are going to appear in the Maps application as well.

This upgrade has arrived just in time since Apple is struggling to get the users’ attention on its own Maps application which will be functional with its iOS 8.

It has been discovered by people working at Cult of Mac that the applications will give access to different transit directions as well as other features that were not presented during WWDC- the 2014 edition.

Cult of Mac says that Apple obtained the free transit application named Embark. The event took place in the autumn of 2013. The transit mapping information is going to be inserted in the Apple Maps. Cult of Mac does not know for sure if this feature is going to be available by the time iOS 8 is released.

However, it is sure that Apple has decided to give users everything they ask for. Thus, the users will have direct links to various maps applications while the Flyover City Tours will point out the most fashionable places in important cities across the globe. Moreover, Apple is going to update the location information every day. It is also important to mention that the beta has been recently joined by the Apple Maps service.

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