Will the New iPhone 6 have a Protruding Camera Lens?

There have been lots of rumors about the new gadget ready to join the iPhone line. The latest one refers to a protruding camera lens for the iPhone 6. This new rumor was caused by a picture that appeared on a Taiwanese blog dedicated to Apple products. The photo shows a supposed 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and its camera that expands 0.77 mm away from the smart phone.

However, it is not very clear how this protruding lens will influence the camera. It has been said that the camera of the iPhone 6 will have ten megapixels. This is definitely an upgrade from the eight megapixels of the iPhone 5S camera.

A protruding lens might turn out to be extremely handy for users because it would allow them to attach some new lenses on their iPhone 6 gadget. Of course that third party cameras are not an innovation. Olloclip has been manufacturing interchangeable lenses which are used on the present generation of iPhones.

A patent application filled in the month of March, hinted that Apple was working hard in order to have interchangeable lenses for its new iPhone product.

Apple has not confirmed nor denied the rumors spreading around about its so much awaited products. Thus, it is better for the fans to wait for the 9th of September release to actually see the specs and features of the new iPhone 6.

Old and Late Rumors about Apple’s iPhone 6

The Venture Beats report contains old and new rumors about the so much awaited iPhone 6. An anonymous source, close to the electronics company has confirmed that the majority of the rumors gravitating around the iPhone 6 are true. Nonetheless, some of them are pure fantasy.

When it comes two new bits of information the source says that the new Apple phone will be equipped with a multi-core A 8 processor having a power of 2.0 gigahertz, which is quite different from the present dual-core SoC powered by 1.3 gigahertz which equips the famous iPhone 5S.

The new iPhone 6 will allow communication by means of an 802.11 ac Wi-Fi. It will also have a very modern modem of the Qualcomm MDM 9×35 type while the NFC chip will be of the NXP type. However, nobody knows who is going to produce this famous chip. Although, it is highly unlikely, the source claims that Apple has in plans to use the near filed communication as a solution for mobile payments. The digital Apple wallet is expected for a certain period but most rumors point towards iBeacon technology and not towards NFC.

The anonymous source also made reference about the Beats purchase. This might be done in order to make possible some connection between the gadget and the headphones produced by Beats by means of a Lightning port. However, Apple officially announced Lightning headphone during the 2014 edition of WWDC.

What about the so much rumored sapphire crystal display? The source that provided the report for Venture Beats claims that there will be no sapphire for the new phone. The display is going to feature a material stronger than the Gorilla Glass, but not as hard as sapphire. The rumor about the sapphire crystal display was ended towards the end of July, when it was shown in a video that iPhones 6 screen was scratch sensitive to sandpaper.

Another July report claimed that Apple would not use the sapphire glass for its new phones due to various processing and production problems. Moreover, the manufacturer that produces sapphire glass for Apple has recently begun mass production which means that there might not be enough raw materials for the production of millions iPhone 6 handsets.

The iPhone 6 is supposed to be secured by means of fingerprint recognition. A leak that made its apparition last week claimed that the home button would be used for this technology. However, not hardware references were made.

Most rumors claim that the smaller iPhone 6 model, having 4.7 inch will be announced by the middle of the month of September, probably on the 9th day of the month. The company has the habit of releasing its products on the market on the second Friday following the presentation. Thus, Apple fans have high chances of purchasing the product by the 19th of September.

The larger version, having 5.5 inch might hit the stores later. This definitely reinforces the rumors that say that the bigger version of the iPhone 6 will hit the store later in the year due to some production problems.

No Sapphire Glass for iPhone 6

Several analysts have claimed that the new iPhone 6 is not going to have a sapphire glass screen after all because of the low performance figures.

The investments that Apple made not so long ago in plants specialized in producing sapphire glass located in Arizona and Massachusetts made many Apple fans and not only believe that the crystal would be used in order to produce the display of the soon to be here iPhone 6. However, the analysts working for Trendforce LED inside have said that the material has not been delivered yet to the factories producing the phone.

The performance rates of the sapphire glass were quite low. This means that the material will not be used for the iPhone 6 but probably from some other later versions. It is possible that the iPhone 6 will come with some other reinforced type of glass. Sapphire is the second strongest material in the world after the diamond and for the time being is used for the lens cover and the home button of the popular iPhone 5.

Apple is expected to launch iPhone 6 in the month of September. Various rumors and reports claim that there will be two versions of the phone: the smaller one having 4.7 inches and the bigger alternative with 5.5 inches. The rumors also claim that the smaller version will be launched first because the larger version is not ready yet due to some problems discovered during the internal tests.

This news also casts a lot of doubts on the future look and composition of the iWatch display. There have been speculations that the smart watch might have a sapphire display as well as highly flexible OLED panels.

The Sapphire Glass is made in some cylindrical sticks named boules. It is a slow, energy consuming and extremely expensive process. Hutch Hutchison, designer and concept creator for Vertu confirms this. His company uses this expensive material to produce luxurious mobile screens.

Hutch Hutchison said that the sapphire was a very tough and qualitative material. In his opinion it is perfect for the screen of luxury and expensive mobile screens. Sapphire is almost impossible to destroy and it cannot be affected by scratches or other damages. Hutch Hutchison said that the process of producing sapphire crystals was a long a laborious one because it took two weeks for each boule to grow. He added that sapphire was very difficult to cut, polish and grind and that these processes could be performed only with the help of diamond tools.

A New Possible Feature for iPhone 6: The Automatic Locker

There might be some good news for the iPhone 6 users, tired of having to enter the passwords, not to mention the passcode whenever they want to unlock their Phone. Thus, it is possible that the new iPhone 6 might come with a brand new feature: the automatic locker.

Apple has managed to obtain a new patent from the Patent and Trademark Office of the US, giving us a hint that bot password and passcode are items that belong to the past. What can we deduce form this? Well, yes! The automatic locker is on its way.

Let’s not exaggerate, though. This patent will definitely help any iPhone to determine if it is functioning on a known or on the contrary unknown type of network. The iPhone will be able to use the security barriers only in the case of networks that are unknown to it.

Thus, if an iPhone possessor uses the network he/she has got at home or at his/her working place and has already set the network into the phone, then the respective person will not need to go through the process of entering a password, followed by a passcode in order to gain access to his/her device repeatedly.

This very simple and easy task will be performed by a new feature, called “Locations Sensitive Security Levels” and “Setting Profiles Based on Detected Location”. It is worth pointing out that the world famous Google has managed to create an unlock characteristic for Google I/O the 2014 version, which has many similarities with the new patent obtained by the rival Apple.

The giant electronic company is going to make use of the GPS technology as well as of Wi-Fi in order to identify the new location of a certain person, for places in which the information about the network was not set in the mobile phone. It will also put high emphasis on the security aspect when browsing the web. The Apple patent claims that if the available items manage to match the context of the location than various settings of the device can be subjected to modifications.