The Jailbreak iPhone 5s,4S,4 iOS 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 Might Change Customization For Ever

Apple launched its first iPhone series in 2007. Since then iPhone possessors all over the world have numerous reasons for their jailbreaking attempts. One of the main reasons of these actions is Apple’s habit of shunting the functions of its operation system every type a new update comes out.

The electronics company tried hard to ban jailbreaking activities it had little success. As a consequence the company has decided to adopt new strategies towards its iOS 7. In this new update of the iOS Apple has put features specific for the jailbroken iPhone 5s/5/4s. Thus, Apple tries to prevent phone possessors to jailbreak their iphone 5s,4s.

Nonetheless, there are numerous reasons that determine users to continue their jailbreaking operations on iOS 7. The iOS 7.1 and the iOS 7.1.1 have not brought anything special except some unimportant patches as well as bug fixes.

It is true that the iOS 7 displayed some new features and some customization but the jailbroken iOS7 permitted phone possessors to take the customization process even further. The user has unlimited freedom and he/she can replace the themes or can install some other new ones. The phone can reach outstanding performances.

In order to prevent users from jailbreaking the phones, Apple has upgrades its message applications adding it some new features, designed to be highly attractive for the user. The iPhone possessors can now swipe old messages in order to identify the time and the date of the message. However, the jailbroken iPhone, especially those running on iOS 7 are better with their bite SMS offers. These include the Quick Message compose, fast reply, customized signature and other features that give a totally new dimension to the chatting activity.