Another Galaxy Tab S versus iPad Commercial Sponsored by Samsung

Samsung was not satisfied with its “wall huggers” ad targeted towards its rival Apple so it continued the series of mocking adds with two more, putting face to face Galaxy Tab S and iPad.

The first advertisement is all about iOS and focused on pointing out that the Apple mobile cannot support real multitasking. In the video ad, a father makes efforts into sharing his gadget, in this case a table looking remarkably like iPad, with his toddler. Since the device does not have a split-screen multitasking, the father cannot follow his soccer transmission and keep the baby happy and quiet with the movie cartoon “Rio” at the same time.

The onscreen graphic do not actually present and iOS but the system’s weakness of not having a split-screen has already been used by Microsoft in one of its commercials against Apple. It seems that Samsung has decided to go for this marketing practice as well.

The video is backed-up by a narrator who points out that everything could be solved smoothly with the help of a Galaxy Tab S produced by Samsung.

Lots of users have hoped that Apple would include the split-screen feature for its iPads, especially since there have been so many rumors around. For the time being the feature is quite elusive. However, an iOS 8 code identified recently, hints that Apple is focusing its efforts into giving its tablets a split screen characteristic.

The second ad produced by Samsung is not so much against Apple but more of a swipe towards the LCD technology, heavily employed by Apple and other manufacturers in the production of panels. On the other hand, Samsung has been using AMOLED screen types that are better known under the branded name of “Super AMOLED”.

There is obviously a narrator to make clear the thoughts of the characters in the ad. The “voice” once again hints that the solution to all gadget problems is Galaxy Tab S. The narrator tell the audience that Super AMOLED gives its users a very high contrast which is in fact a hundred times higher than the one offered by tablets functioning of a different technology. Thus, the users receive a 100,000 to 1 contrast and not the customary 1000 to 1.

It has to be said that the advertisement gives sound explanation of the differences extant between the technologies used in producing the gadgets.  Thus, it is pointed out that the normal LCDs obtain their color with the help of backlight. Super AMOLED manages to turn off every pixel and each having its own light. Thus, the user can see fine details and all the shades of black which lots of LCD are incapable of showing.


Samsung has decided to change its tagline in these ads from “Next big this is here” (so overused during the Galaxy S smart phone campaigns) into “Do you see what I see?”.