Intel Production Delay to determine the Postponing of the MacBook Air 2004 Launch Date?

Apple has worked hard to prepare the grounds for its new MacBook Air equipped with Retina Display. The company lowered the prices of the present stock in the hope of reducing the number of units available before the MacBook Air hits the market. There have been retailers who offered discount coupons for students buying the available MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air.

It is believed that Apple will release two models of the new MacBook Air. It is also said that for the time being Apple is centering its resources to produce the MacBook Air having 12 inch. The new MacBook Airs will be functioning on the 14 nm Broadwell chips produced by Intel.

Unfortunately, Intel had some problems with its production lines and for this reason Apple had to postpone the launch of the new MacBook Air. Intel has announced that the Broadwell chip production problem has been solved and the company will be able to deliver its products before the holiday season.

But Intel will make only certain models of the Broadwell chips and it has said that the M chips will be available for shipping. The MacBook Air functions of U chips, which will probably arrive at the assembly line in 2015. Thus, Apple will be forced to release its MacBook Air in 2015.

It is obvious that the Broadwell U chips will be followed immediately by the launch of the MacBook Air with Retina Display. These chips are used instead of the Haswell chips present in the older versions of MacBook Air. The chip will increase the battery life of the laptop computers with almost 30 per cent

But until the Broadwell U chips are produced, Apple cannot start the production of the new MacBook Air and has to postpone the release date for 2015.

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