Moto 360 might be here by September 4th

The Moto 360 smart watch has been tested by its producing company for some time now. Since the Moto 360 is a circular watch, it should have been launched later in the year. However, various sources hint that the smart watch will be launched in Chicago on the 4th of September.

BestBuy claims that the new Motorola smart watch will be sold at the price of 249 US dollars. The device it is said to have an OLED screen of 1.5 inch with a resolution of about 320×290 pixels. It is covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 3.  The device is supposed to be functioning on a processor of the Texas Instruments type and it has a random access memory of 512 megabytes. It will be functioning on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

The wearable will resist underwater for half an hour at the depth of 3.3 meter. It will come equipped with an optical monitor for the heart rate and a pedometer. Case will be of steal while the back of plastic. It will have a leather band which will be closed with a metal buckle. The battery will be a lithium ion one. It will have voice activation and vibrations for alerts.

Motorola might have to face competition from Apple as there are lots of rumors claiming that Apple is going to unveil its smart watch at the launch of its iPhone 6 which is scheduled for the 9th of September.The Moto 360 has got the attention of gadget fans but it is necessary to be launched before Apple hits the market with its own device. The famous iWatch is supposed to be launched in 2014 but nobody knows when Apple decides to present it to its customers.

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