No Sapphire Glass for iPhone 6

Several analysts have claimed that the new iPhone 6 is not going to have a sapphire glass screen after all because of the low performance figures.

The investments that Apple made not so long ago in plants specialized in producing sapphire glass located in Arizona and Massachusetts made many Apple fans and not only believe that the crystal would be used in order to produce the display of the soon to be here iPhone 6. However, the analysts working for Trendforce LED inside have said that the material has not been delivered yet to the factories producing the phone.

The performance rates of the sapphire glass were quite low. This means that the material will not be used for the iPhone 6 but probably from some other later versions. It is possible that the iPhone 6 will come with some other reinforced type of glass. Sapphire is the second strongest material in the world after the diamond and for the time being is used for the lens cover and the home button of the popular iPhone 5.

Apple is expected to launch iPhone 6 in the month of September. Various rumors and reports claim that there will be two versions of the phone: the smaller one having 4.7 inches and the bigger alternative with 5.5 inches. The rumors also claim that the smaller version will be launched first because the larger version is not ready yet due to some problems discovered during the internal tests.

This news also casts a lot of doubts on the future look and composition of the iWatch display. There have been speculations that the smart watch might have a sapphire display as well as highly flexible OLED panels.

The Sapphire Glass is made in some cylindrical sticks named boules. It is a slow, energy consuming and extremely expensive process. Hutch Hutchison, designer and concept creator for Vertu confirms this. His company uses this expensive material to produce luxurious mobile screens.

Hutch Hutchison said that the sapphire was a very tough and qualitative material. In his opinion it is perfect for the screen of luxury and expensive mobile screens. Sapphire is almost impossible to destroy and it cannot be affected by scratches or other damages. Hutch Hutchison said that the process of producing sapphire crystals was a long a laborious one because it took two weeks for each boule to grow. He added that sapphire was very difficult to cut, polish and grind and that these processes could be performed only with the help of diamond tools.

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