Old and Late Rumors about Apple’s iPhone 6

The Venture Beats report contains old and new rumors about the so much awaited iPhone 6. An anonymous source, close to the electronics company has confirmed that the majority of the rumors gravitating around the iPhone 6 are true. Nonetheless, some of them are pure fantasy.

When it comes two new bits of information the source says that the new Apple phone will be equipped with a multi-core A 8 processor having a power of 2.0 gigahertz, which is quite different from the present dual-core SoC powered by 1.3 gigahertz which equips the famous iPhone 5S.

The new iPhone 6 will allow communication by means of an 802.11 ac Wi-Fi. It will also have a very modern modem of the Qualcomm MDM 9×35 type while the NFC chip will be of the NXP type. However, nobody knows who is going to produce this famous chip. Although, it is highly unlikely, the source claims that Apple has in plans to use the near filed communication as a solution for mobile payments. The digital Apple wallet is expected for a certain period but most rumors point towards iBeacon technology and not towards NFC.

The anonymous source also made reference about the Beats purchase. This might be done in order to make possible some connection between the gadget and the headphones produced by Beats by means of a Lightning port. However, Apple officially announced Lightning headphone during the 2014 edition of WWDC.

What about the so much rumored sapphire crystal display? The source that provided the report for Venture Beats claims that there will be no sapphire for the new phone. The display is going to feature a material stronger than the Gorilla Glass, but not as hard as sapphire. The rumor about the sapphire crystal display was ended towards the end of July, when it was shown in a video that iPhones 6 screen was scratch sensitive to sandpaper.

Another July report claimed that Apple would not use the sapphire glass for its new phones due to various processing and production problems. Moreover, the manufacturer that produces sapphire glass for Apple has recently begun mass production which means that there might not be enough raw materials for the production of millions iPhone 6 handsets.

The iPhone 6 is supposed to be secured by means of fingerprint recognition. A leak that made its apparition last week claimed that the home button would be used for this technology. However, not hardware references were made.

Most rumors claim that the smaller iPhone 6 model, having 4.7 inch will be announced by the middle of the month of September, probably on the 9th day of the month. The company has the habit of releasing its products on the market on the second Friday following the presentation. Thus, Apple fans have high chances of purchasing the product by the 19th of September.

The larger version, having 5.5 inch might hit the stores later. This definitely reinforces the rumors that say that the bigger version of the iPhone 6 will hit the store later in the year due to some production problems.

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