Will the New iPhone 6 have a Protruding Camera Lens?

There have been lots of rumors about the new gadget ready to join the iPhone line. The latest one refers to a protruding camera lens for the iPhone 6. This new rumor was caused by a picture that appeared on a Taiwanese blog dedicated to Apple products. The photo shows a supposed 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and its camera that expands 0.77 mm away from the smart phone.

However, it is not very clear how this protruding lens will influence the camera. It has been said that the camera of the iPhone 6 will have ten megapixels. This is definitely an upgrade from the eight megapixels of the iPhone 5S camera.

A protruding lens might turn out to be extremely handy for users because it would allow them to attach some new lenses on their iPhone 6 gadget. Of course that third party cameras are not an innovation. Olloclip has been manufacturing interchangeable lenses which are used on the present generation of iPhones.

A patent application filled in the month of March, hinted that Apple was working hard in order to have interchangeable lenses for its new iPhone product.

Apple has not confirmed nor denied the rumors spreading around about its so much awaited products. Thus, it is better for the fans to wait for the 9th of September release to actually see the specs and features of the new iPhone 6.

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